Ranks In the Alliances.

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Ranks In the Alliances.

Post by Taka on Sat Jun 11, 2016 9:52 pm

Their are several ranks between the alliances. The positions are labeled as Leaders, the hierarchy(considered a court or congress), Sarge(second in command), the army, hunters, assassins, caretakers(mostly mothers and young females, males are allowed to take this position as well), disperals(new members in trial if they do not choose a rank when joining), and then the peace keepers(mutual members that keep things peaceful*omegas are similar but peacekeepers are treated better*). Their is different levels than go from I-III, and then go up such as C(corporal), V(Veteren), and then S(Senior*must be at least 15 years of age to be considered for this position*). The following states the high positions in each alliance, positions open will be labeled with (*open*). Certain evaluations will be taken for high positions. Contact Taka(admin) in game or private message, for more detailed information or high positions interests.

Sarge: *open*
Hierarchy:*open* (in need of 3 members)

Leader: *open*
Sarge: *open*
Hierarchy: *open* (in need of 3 members)

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