Welcome to ArrowFall!

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Welcome to ArrowFall!

Post by Taka on Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:23 pm

The site is now up and running, since it is new there will be a bit of slowness to updating and so on. We are building up so here is just a few things to consider when joining.
Most posts will be colored, like this one is red which means it is important. We use a red light system, which is Red(important), Yellow(you probably want to read), and Green(these are usually small announcements that wont hurt you if you don't read them). We do advise that you read posts from Admins and so on. Thanks for the time and get out there to your alliance!

History of ArrowFall.
ArrowFall is a land mixed with forest and plains. The creatures of this place lay in their alliance, and territories are split between the river. FangReath and their god Geo reign at the top and PitchFall isn't very happy about this. FangReath won a war between the two and their god, Geo, has Morrow and his creatures now under them. As long as each alliance stays in their territory they are safe, but all is fair when you step in the opposite territory.
Geo is the hybrid of a wolf and deer. Light, noble, and fast. Morrow is a lion and dragon hybrid. Heavy, strong, and brute.

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